The built environment sector represents 40% of the total global carbon emissions and thus offers some of the most cost effective opportunities to reduce emissions. However, achieving a ‘net zero’ carbon built environment will require action at an unprecedented pace and scale.

For example, in the UK, housing accounts for 14% of the UK's emissions and only one percent of houses meet the energy rating standard of A or B. Commercial buildings also have a clear role to play.

Buildings and other infrastructure assets are starting to talk. Technology enabling data capture and analysis, connectivity, monitoring and control is helping to create safer, more secure, more efficient and resilient places - places where people feel more comfortable and therefore happier and more productive.

Across the entire digital building life cycle – from idea, design and construction to operation and even dismantling  – by using synergies between applications such as Building Twin and BIM (Building Information Modelling), we are in position to collect and analyse data for greater performance and efficiencies.  After all, we spend around 90% of our time in buildings.

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