Air Quality

Monitoring and modelling

• Poor air quality affects us all. Clean air is a basic requirement of a healthy environment for us all to live in, work, and bring up families.

• In some places, air quality has improved in recent decades as well as the awareness.

• Despite this, in London, 4,000 people are estimated to die prematurely every year.  UK-wide this is over 40,000, globally over one million.

• National and local governments around the world are setting targets to reduce air pollution with a focus on transport, energy and buildings.

• In order to be successful it is important to monitor and respond with the appropriate measures.

• We have helped cities and businesses around the world and can also help you.

School Air Quality Trial

• Air pollution affects the young most dramatically, potentially limiting the growth of their lungs up to the age of 18.

• To exacerbate this circa 25% of nurseries, schools and colleges in London are within 150 metres of nitrogen dioxide pollution levels that exceeds the EU legal limit

• Therefore, the parents' group Green School Runs based in Hampstead, West London approached Paris-based Plume to run a five-week pilot with six schools to monitor the state of the air the local children breathe.

• Each school has two mobile air quality monitors and pupils are taking it in turns to use them to monitor as they walk to school or in the playground.  

London Sustainability Exchange

• The London Sustainability Exchange (LSx), now part of Global Action Plan, is a “think and do” charity which creates collaborations that address the complex barriers to a sustainable London, including air quality.

• We have had the pleasure to work with LSx, along with council leaders, academics, solution providers and the local community, on this important topic.

• Together with LSx we held numerous workshops, a roundtable on tackling air quality for input to the London Plan and an Air Quality Hackathon focused on finding innovative ways to monitor, forecast and reduce air pollution by changing people's behaviour.