A selection of conferences, panels and workshops we have participated in

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TV & Radio

Here's a selection of TV and Radio programmes we have been featured in.  Click on each image to see more information.

BBC World Service
Mark Jenkinson giving his view on smart cities
3sat (German)
Mark featured at the Crystal in the ZDF / 3Sat programme on congestion charging and the Low Emission Zone in London
ntv (German)
Joachim Kiauk giving us a tour of the cool technology at the Crystal
Parliament TV
Environmental Audit Committee


Here's a selection of newspapers we have been featured in.  Click on each image to see more information

Business Green
The Guardian
China Daily
Cities Today
The Telegraph
Evening Standard
Keynotes and Interviews

Keynotes and Interviews.  Click on each image to see more information.

UK-C. European Summit
World Climate Summit
Green Alliance Summit
Future Cities Summit
COP26 Podcast Episode 4


We have authored and contributed to a selection of reports/strategies on the topic of smart cities and sustainability.

Smart Hungary

Smart Hungary 2025, is intended to bring together ideas from business, academics and practitioners in the built environment, on where and how to maximise the opportunities coming from digitalisation through real, actionable, projects. 


Smart Lagos

The report shows how technology is central to the infrastructure needs of a developing economy such as Lagos State and how to leverage existing solutions from across the world. 


Smart Malta

The role of public spaces, the quality and efficiency of Malta’s urban systems and infrastructure and crucially, how like other islands, Malta can use technology, digitalisation and data to transition towards a Smart Nation model.


Digital Nordics

The Nordic countries repeatedly top charts for their adoptment of digital technologies although other countries, particularly in Asia.  This study sets out how the Nordics can stay ahead by learning from its own city use cases. 


Smart Ports

While many port cities owe their very existence to the ports and today benefit from economic growth and jobs, the cities are also confronting the necessity to improve residents quality of life, specifically reducing air pollution, noise and congestion. Overall, shipping is one of the most carbon efficient forms of global transport, however the enormous scale of the industry means it is estimated to produce over 2% of total global CO₂ emissions. This report addresses how ports can be more sustainable and smarter. 


Smart Campus

 This report examines what is possible, today and into the future, for campus energy, buildings, and transport. It is firmly grounded in the realities of limited budgets, and highlights where revenue could be created, or costs saved. The result is a roadmap illustrating how a university or college dean could lead their campus towards a connected, efficient and sustainable future.


Centre for London

This Centre for London report makes the case for a policy-led approach termed “New Urban Mobility” – the harnessing of technology to enable active travel, public transport use, the cleanest vehicle technology and minimal use of private cars. We are proud to have inputted to this report. 


Centre for London

 London Essays  is a journal published by Centre for London, which explores the economic, social, and environmental challenges facing London. In this edition, Matthew Pencharz outlined a sustainable energy strategy for the capital.



Here are Committees we have participated in and given evidence to. Click on each image to see more information

London Chamber - WEPAC

The London Chamber's Work and Education Policy Advisory Committee (WEPAC) is tasked with helpng shape and influence the debate on skills in the capital 

Royal Docks Advisory Board

Local business Partners working with the Greater London Authority and Newham Council, 2017-2019

Planning Committee

London Assembly Planning Committee,‘Industrial Land in London’, Sep 2017

Environment Committee

London Assembly Environment Committee,‘Mayor needs to get his environmental ducks in a row’, Jun 2016

Economy Committee 

London Assembly Economy Committee report: ‘Climate change - Big risks for small business’ Dec 2014