Smart Cities

London Royal Docks

• Once London’s gateway to world trade, the Royal Docks is one of the UK’s most important regeneration stories, the capital's only Enterprise Zone and a key ‘Opportunity Area’ for the significant population growth.

• We were an active member of the Royal Docks Advisory Board co-chaired by the Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Newham.

• We were also involved in the development of the Business Case for Smart Cities which focused on the Royal Docks.

Smart City Projects

• The Crystal Associates team have supported smart city projects around the globe.

• These include European Union Horizon 2020 Smart Cities & Communities projects and smart city projects in Asia, Australia, the Middle East and North America.

• We have also developed smart city and smart nation strategies such as for Hungary, Lagos, Malta, Myanmar, the Nordics and Russia.

• We have also supported approaches for China, India, the US and the Middle East including for Dubai Expo 2020 as well as Smart Finance.


Smart Ports

• While many cities owe their very existence to their ports and benefit from their economic growth and jobs, cities are also confronting climate change and how to ensure the quality of life for residents, specifically reducing air pollution, noise and congestion.

• Overall, shipping is one of the most carbon efficient forms of global transport, although the scale of the industry means it is estimated to produce over 2% of total global CO₂ emissions.

• We have worked with ports (both cargo and cruise) to help them address these topics through the use of technology and develop smarter, more sustainable ports.