Countdown to COP26

On Tuesday 11 Feb we attended a thought-provoking Green Alliance #CountdowntoCOP event. 

Opened by Michael Gove, closed by Nicola Sturgeon, with fascinating panel discussions in between.

The conference covered a number of burning topics:

  • How can the UK get on track to net zero?
  • Is UK climate action inspiring global ambition?
  • What’s needed to get the economy net zero ready in 2020?
  • How does the UK make sure that climate justice is at the heart of COP26?

Common themes from the excellent speakers/panellists included:

  • Need effective leadership (incl a COP President asap!)
  • Collaboration is vital; Green Alliance proposed a Net Zero Club
  • Need an “ALL SOCIETY” approach and ensure inclusion & climate justice
  • Need to raise recognition & gain buy-in among wider public, applying ‘pressure’ on local & national Government to act
  • Policies / regulation / trade agreements should be set ‘through the lens’ of #netzero
  • Finance (public & private) is key; ensure projects are investable
  • Education / relevant skills need to be developed at all levels
  • Levers include Transport, Renewables, Retrofit, Industry & Food
  • Biodiversity is as much an issue
  • The right technology is important as are nature-based solutions e.g. planting native trees and restoring salt marshes, peat
  • We need to ACT NOW!